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Development & production company for properties and events.

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About Us

Its all in the details !

six18 as by Fiona & Henning Erlandsen , we have been involved in property and event development for over two decades now, all over Europe, then later in Norway ( Pure Hemsedal AS - 2011 -six18 as - 2013-14  ) where we have developed and build for great clients privately and the corporate marked. We are based in Hemsedal one of Norway largest winter resort destinations. Where we all year around have various clients we delivery either houses or cabins too. Said that we are also on the move with other great projects in Oslo and and on the beautiful coast or fjords of Norway.

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Our Services



Our clients have different needs and priorities, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure they get the best for what you are after. 
We can either help you with the whole process from A to Å. Drawings, planning, applications for permits to build. Cost planning and off course makes sure what you want is what you get. To whats it was planned from the start to the finished build.

Interior & Design

We are not expert in interior design :)
But we do have a great experience that could help you on the way. To make your new home looking stunning the way you want it.

Modernehus fjellogstrand
our house from river .jpg

Project & Construction Management

Its pretty straight forward, we do and provide what you want. Either we delivery the building, your house, cabin, trade show booth or other event installations,  100% finished within the agreed cost. Our we delivery part of the project as you want, also as agreed from the start. 

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Successful Projects

What We’ve Worked On

Hemsedal .png

Modern House - Hemsedal.

House build in Hemsedal in 2017-18. In a recseidenical area, by the river Hemsil. Fantastic wives to the nature with its open space and large windows from every room in the house.

Apartment building - Hemsedal.

Apartments built in Hemsedal in 2018-19. In a residential area, at Tuv. 8 small and functional apartments in modern style, with then proposes of the letting marked in the resort.

Home: Developments
Home: Developments

Successful Projects

What We’ve Worked On

Tjøma Cabin.jpeg

Cabin - Tjøme.

This beautiful cabin, was designed by Skapa arkitekter, Oslo. Build for client, at Tjøme , 2017 - 2018. In it self very special, modern and fun,  blending in to the nature.

Cabin - Geilo.

This great and spacious cabin was build in 2018- 2019, in one of Norways well known resort Geilo.

moderne hytte fjellogstrand

Successful Projects

What We’ve Worked On


Modern House in Hemsedal


Semidetached house Malmøya


Karlsson - Eliasson - Skissetegning P04

Modern house in Hemsedal 2

Build 2021 - 2022

Large Funkis house Drøbak.

Build 2021 -2022

Modern Houses Neighborhood
Karlsson - Eliasson - Skissetegning P04

Modern Cabin  in Hemsedal

Build 2021 - 2022

Home: Developments
Home: Developments

Successful Event Building Projects

What We’ve Worked On


Tradeshow booth , Basel.

This beautiful wooden installation- 250m2 trade-show booth ,Built for client, at Basel World - Switzerland , 2015-2016. A very special, style in the world of exclusive watches

Tradeshow Booth , Basel.

Contemporary  installation- 250m2 trade-show booth ,Built for client, at Basel World - Switzerland , in 2014 - 2015.



six18 as

Hemsedalsvegen 3445, 3560 Hemsedal, Norway

+47 92214048

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